General Urology

Urology Surgical Consulting, PC offers evaluation and treatment for variety of general urological conditions, including blood in urine, pain with urination, pelvic or testicular pain, urinary frequency, urgency, leakage, urinary infection, incomplete bladder emptying, prostate cancer screening, kidney stones and much more.

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Acute & Chronic Urological Conditions

Urology Surgical Consulting PC offers extensive office hours, including late hours and Saturday clinics for your convenience. Appointments can be obtained to see Dr. Tajkarimi same day or within 48 hours. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of urological complaints, including blood in urine kidney stone, testicular pain, urinary tract infection symptoms, lower urinary tract symptoms, urinary leakage, and pelvic pain.
Dr. Tajkarimi offers office cystoscopy and ureteral stent placement to relieve your non-urgent large non-passable ureteral stone stone pain if same day operating room in the hospital is not available. This allows pain relief and/or safe dilation of the ureter to make your scheduled surgery easier and safer. Office cystoscopy and ureteral stent placement is performed local anesthesia with no pain in less than 5-10 minutes.

Blood in the urine

Presence of blood in the urine more than 5 RBC per high power field in formal urine analysis (UA) is not normal. However, in majority of patients, this is due to benign conditions, such as urinary tract infection, kidney stones, prostate enlargement, inflammation, or certain non-cancerous kidney conditions. Patients on blood thinners are specially at higher risk for urinary bleeding. However, any persistent presence of blood in the urine warrants a complete history and physical exam (including pelvic and rectal exam) and a visit to a urologist. He or she will likely request cross-sectional imaging of the urinary tract (CT urogram), cystoscopy, +/- urinary cytology, etc. "Painless visible bleeding from the urinary tract is bladder cancer until proven otherwise", says Dr. Tajkarimi.

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"Smoking is a direct cause of cancer of the urinary tract, including bladder and kidney cancer", adds Dr. Tajkarimi. We offer help for kicking this harmful habit with referral to appropriate professionals.
At our Loudoun location, we offer advanced digital and blue-light cystoscopy under local anesthesia to evaluate the bladder with great confidence. Office cystoscopy provides excellent privacy, and saves you time and money. We can also perform painless bladder biopsy and fulguration as well. In addition we offer bladder, kidney and penile ultrasound. Dr. Tajkarimi will personally place all of your the images you obtain from outside on large high definition screen with you during your visit and will review and explain all findings.

Rezum® BPH Treatment

Dr Tajkarimi is now utilizing the new Rezum® BPH treatment in Loudoun County.
For patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Rezum®, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses steam to shrink an enlarged prostate. It can be performed in the office in less than 7 minutes. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate, can cause frustrating symptoms for men, including frequent urination, hesitancy in urination, urgency to urinate, and a weak urinary stream. Rezum® works by inserting sterile water vapor (steam) into the prostate gland during nine-second treatments. The therapy is targeted to a defined area because steam will travel only between cells until it encounters natural collagen barriers or the prostate capsule itself. The procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia with option of adding nitrous analgesia. Contact Dr. Tajkarimi to learn more.
Rezum® is covered by most insurances including Medicare. For International visitors and self-pay patients we offer discounted pricing. For men with prostate size less than 80 grams, Rezum® can be as successful as TURP for symptom relief.
Many men don’t like the side effect of BPH medications such as Flomax (tamsulosin) with dizziness or unwanted dry orgasm (retrograde ejaculation). With a short 7 minute REZUM® treatment they can get off these medications. REZUM® spares the bladder neck and can prevent retrograde ejaculation!

Prostate Cancer Screening (Elevated PSA, Abnormal digital Prostate Exam)

Dr. Tajkarimi offers advanced and evidence-based prostate cancer screening. He evaluated men with elevated PSA, abnormal prostate exam, history of negative biopsy and rising PSA, specially in men with positive family history of prostate cancer and African American heritage. We are one of the handfull of centers in Northern Virginia to offer advanced ultrasound prostate ultrasound diagnostic solutions with the latest 3D MRI Fusion for the appropriate patients. This will be performed in office setting, which can save your time and money. Dr. Tajkarimi has the acumen and experience to appropriately evaluate and treat patients with moderate or high risk prostate cancer, or carefully follow men with no low risk disease.

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Peyronie’s Disease (Penis Curvature)

Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which a man’s penis becomes curved when erect. Although it is common for men’s penises to curve a bit when rigid, Peyronie’s disease involves extreme curvature that may make sex impossible. The condition can also be painful, whether the penis is erect or not, and in some cases the pain can be extreme. In Peyronie’s disease, the curvature of the penis may be up, down or to the side. Men suffering from Peyronie’s disease often avoid discussing it with their doctor, have depression, anxiety and marital difficulties. We are here to help.

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This condition is caused by fibrous scar tissue (plaque) within the penis. As blood swells the penis during the erection process, the scar tissue does not swell along with the healthy tissue, causing the curving.

Researchers have not identified a cause for this disease. Some believe that it may result from physical injuries to the penis. There are also hypotheses that it may be related to genetics, advancing age or collagen disorders.

If you or someone you love cannot have sex because of extreme curvature of the penis or simply are worried about the possibility of the disease, a visit to Dr. Tajkarimi is in order. Dr. Tajkarimi is currently at the forefront of cutting-edge research including traction, combination of Xiaflex and Traction, Traction and Shockwave therapy, and instrument design and development. He is currently collaborating with the most respected centers in the United States who treat Peyronie’s disease. Dr. Tajkarimi offers minimally invasive options, such as penile traction, intralesional injection with Xiaflex (Endo), and surgery if appropriate. Dr. Tajkarimi has fantastic results with his techniques and methods.

Low Testosterone

We offer evidence-based and effective treatment of men with symptoms of low testosterone, with focus on the cause, restoration of natural production, prevention, holistic education, and effective supplementation. We believe that every man with symptoms of low testosterone requires a personalized approach and treatment as indicated.
Meticulous follow up is necessary for optimal results and prevention of side effects and other related diseases, such as prostate cancer.

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